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Uniform Integrity & Security

How we keep uniforms safe.

Employment Verification

Any order that contains item(s) that display agency logos, insignia, branding, or identifying text will be verified for active employment. This is done to ensure the individuals placing the order are active employees of the agency they are attempting

I am a contractor for a government agency. Can I purchase agency branded items?

No. FEDS Apparel will only ship agency branded items to personnel employed directly by an agency.

I just got my start date for an agency can I purchase agency branded items?

No. FEDS Apparel will only transact with an individual after their EOD. Regardless if the individual is currently employed by another agency.

I am retired from my old agency, can I purchase an item with it's logo?

No. We thank you for your service to the American Public. However FEDS Apparel can only sell items branded with agency logos, and lettering to active personnel of the agency in which they are employed.

I already verified my employment. Why do I have to verify it again?

FEDS Apparel has to re-verify employment status to ensure that the individual is still an active employee of the agency they are purchasing apparel for. There is no limit on the amount of times we will verify employment.

Which products are restricted for purchase?

Any clothing that has a badge, logo, or lettering on it that will identify a person as a law enforcement and or government personnel. This includes hats, jackets, t-shirts, or sweats.

If I work for a Government Agency and want to buy an item with another Government Agency’s logo on it, can I do so?

No, FEDS Apparel can only sell items from the agency for which you work for.

What is the easiest way to have my employment verified and my order processed quickly?

When placing your order, have the item(s) shipped to your work address and use your government email address during checkout.